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Sports Injuries

Patellar tendinitis

Speed up sports injury recovery through safe and effective technology.

Do not underestimate the pain if you suffer from a sports injury or overstrain your muscles and tendons while exercising or working. Pain from sports injury should be given proper attention. 

Men’s Care Clinic uses Shockwave Technology for sports injury treatments. Be it shoulder pain or tennis elbow, we at Men’s Care Clinic offer shockwave therapy to accelerate your recovery. 

Be back in the game in no time!

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Typical Sports Injuries Athletes Endure

Sports are fun activities, but athletes may also face the following painful and disabling injuries requiring extensive rehabilitation treatment and attention.

If you feel major pain across your forearm and elbow, you have a tennis elbow. It occurs due to muscle overuse and strain. As its name implies, most tennis and baseball players endure this injury possibly due to overtraining.


Bursae between your tendons, joints, and skin cushion the movement between these components, enabling you to do activities without feeling strange. But, if they get strained or damaged, they can make you uncomfortable. Like tendinitis, bursitis occurs due to repeated movements without proper rest.

The patella is a small bone with tendons connecting the kneecap and the shinbone. Aside from connecting the two bones, it absorbs much of the impact shock of jogging, sprinting, and jumping. If you feel some tenderness below the knees or significant pain while standing up, you might have patellar tendonitis.


Dislocated bones are joints that detached from their sockets due to severe impact. While a quick movement to ease back the bone into the socket is possible, it requires immediate medical attention. After the incident, the bones can move back on their own but still feel inflamed – something that focused shockwave therapy from Men’s Care Clinic can help with.

If you’re a tennis or baseball player, you’ve most likely endured some form of rotator cuff injury. The rotator cuff is a group of four muscles near the shoulder joint. If any of them should suffer from bursitis or tendinitis, you are at risk of sports injury without proper treatment.

Your hamstrings are responsible for helping you stand upright and producing the force necessary for jumping and running. Overstraining these muscles could cause inflammation due to excessive tearing. 

Tennis Elbow


Think of your tendon or muscle as rubber bands connecting two sticks (your bones) together. When they’re stretched in an abnormal position or too swiftly, they can have tears or swell due to the pain. Sprains are typical sports injuries with severe inflammation that can be treated with shockwave therapy.

This is a variation of the rotator cuff injury that’s a bit more serious than the last. It’s much more painful than a typical rotator cuff injury due to the calcific deposits inflaming the group of four muscles.

Ankle Sprain

If you have bad balance while running or playing sports, you’re prone to spraining your ankle. If your foot rolls to the side or twists unnaturally, it can tear off ligaments in the joint, causing severely painful inflammation without proper treatment.


Tendons have special fibrous tissues that attach to your bones. When these tissues get damaged or torn, they can cause severe discomfort and will reduce your range of motion – meaning you can’t extend or fold your arms as much if a shoulder tendon is torn due to inflammation. Tendinitis usually occurs due to repeated activities without proper rest periods, such as swinging the bat every day or nailing plywood with the same arm (in the case of DIY renovators).

Runner's Knee

Love running? It’s the first sport any person picks when thinking of physical activity or losing weight. While running is healthy for everyone, it can cause Runner’s Knee – a swelling near the kneecap due to the blows the area sustains each time your feet land during a jog or hike.

The Achilles tendon might be a small component near your feet, but they’re critical for general mobility, especially if you play soccer or practice martial arts. When overused, the Achilles tendon swells, causing significant pain and reduction to its range of motion to the point walking requires immense effort.

Shoulder pain

Shockwave Therapy

Focused shockwave therapy is one of the best ways to cure any inflammation. While it’s also used in our ED treatment, shockwave therapy’s ability to stimulate blood vessels and tissue repair by introducing low energy levels makes it a valuable tool for sports injury recovery.

According to experts, focused shockwave therapy has helped many athletes recover from plantar fascitis, calcific shoulder tendonitis, Achilles tendinopathy, and beyond.

If you’re worried or feel extremely uncomfortable with an inflamed sports injury, set an appointment with us at Men’s Care Clinic. We’ll ensure you swiftly recover and enjoy the sport you love the most.

Shockwave Therapy

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